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About Being a Leader

Leaders are people who are actively working - either professionally or as volunteers - to change policies and environments to help children eat better and be more active. We use the following criteria to evaluate whether to approve an applicant for Leader status with the Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center.

Do you meet the criteria below? If so, register as a Leader here. There is no cost to be a Leader.

Leader Approval Requirements:

At least one item must be checked within each of the following two categories:

1. Applicant is focused on changing policies and environments

  • They are working on one of Voices for Healthy Kid's six issue areas:

    • Ensure foods and beverages in schools meet dietary guidelines

    • Expand community access to high quality food

    • Expand physical activity programs in and out of school

    • Improve built environment in communities to increase physical activity

    • Use pricing strategies to promote purchase of healthier foods

    • Use regulation/policy to reduce youth exposure to unhealthy food marketing

  • They are working on other obesity-related issues, such as:

    • Transportation policy

    • Other

  • Their primary focus is working on individual behavior (e.g., teaching kids about food, play, etc.), but they have access to organizations that could provide opportunities to change environments, such as

    • Schools

    • Local Governments

    • Public Health Agencies

    • Food producers

    • Advertisers

    • Other

  • Their project is commercial, but contributes positively to changing policies and environments, such as:

    • Farmer's market

    • Supermarket

    • Farmer

    • Food company

    • Advertiser

    • Other

2. Applicant is organizing others or contributing to organizing efforts

  • They are organizing others by:

    • Doing training

    • Providing volunteer opportunities

    • Building contact lists of supporters to engage in advocacy

    • Holding events

    • Other

  • They provide support to organizations or leaders doing work changing policies and environments, such as:

    • Funding

    • Evaluation

    • Capacity Building

    • Research

    • Other

  • They are a leader in a governmental body that may be the target of organizing efforts to change policies and environments, such as a:

    • Federal or state agency

    • Mayor or other local executive office

    • Federal, state, county or local public health department

    • Federal, state, county or transportation department

    • Federal, state or local education agency or school board

    • Other

If the applicant claims to work for an organization, at least one item must be checked below:

3. Applicant works for an organization:

  • Has an email address that matches the domain of the organization they list

  • Is listed on the organization website as staff