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About the Size of It



Most folks in the childhood obesity movement likely have scanned nutrition labels looking for information such as calories, sodium and saturated fat content. In fact, anybody who is looking to eat healthier meals probably has done so.
Take a can of Campbell’s Chunky Classic Chicken Noodle soup. The serving size of that can is one cup, containing 790 milligrams of sodium.
But CSPI conducted a survey finding that most people would actually consume the full can (probably not a surprising finding). A full can contains 1,840 milligrams of sodium.
It’s not just soup, CSPI argues. When most folks look at nutrition labels, they assume the serving size matches the size of the product. 
So in a letter to the FDA, CSPI asked FDA chief Margaret Hamburg to take immediate action to revise serving size guidelines.
“The FDA should define serving sizes to reflect what consumers actually eat, as the law requires, not what the soup industry pretends that they eat,” CSPI executive director Michael Jacobson says in a statement.